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실험 중인 연구자

road to professionalism

In any field, there are people who receive a high salary even if they do the same job. On top of that, if you call this person and hear that most things work out, you're an expert. It varies depending on the field, but of course, high salary and respect follow. If you have 10,000 hours, you have to train for 6 hours a day for 5 years without a day off.  So, if you are a normal person, it means that you have to work hard in one field for 10 years. Is this possible in today's world? I think. Moreover, not everyone succeeds in 10 years. So people think that they are reluctant to invest 10 years. However, unlike the old days, the path to becoming an expert does not have to be a series of hardships. A much more stable environment is provided for education and training in any field. However, not everyone is given these benefits and opportunities. You must have at least basic passion and sincerity, and in addition to that, you will need to know at least the attitude and tips listed below to become an expert effectively.

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road to expert

The information below is not a given talent, but something you can develop yourself if you consciously train. 

(1) Knowledge and know-how: Know How

You can get ahead only if you have a bit of advanced knowledge than others. It seems that there is no other way than to try according to each interest. However, the knowledge we are talking about here should not be superficial knowledge, but knowledge familiar enough to be explained to others. What is fully understood can be easily applied and serves as a solid stepping stone to the next step.

(2) Adaptability to new things: Flexibility

You need the ability to apply the knowledge you know to a given situation and solve it. This ability to apply will also improve if you try a lot. This is because the next opportunity may not come if you do not have the ability to learn and study on your own in a new field or position.

(3) Communication with other collaborators: Communication

It takes the ability to work collaboratively with others to get things done. There are not many tasks that need to be dealt with in modern society that can be solved by one's own power. You must be lucky to work in collaboration with sincere and capable people. So how can you meet sincere, cooperative, and competent people? The way is to become a person who is sincere and knows how to faithfully complete the task based on dialogue and trust with the other person. Then, talented people will ask for collaboration and opportunities will be given.

(4) Organize: Organize

Things related to your area of expertise should be well organized so that you can use them later. There is no reason to gain experience if you wander about what you always do for the first time. Even if the project you've experienced once isn't perfect, you need to make an effort to organize your own important points in an easy-to-recognize way.

However, be careful not to dwell too much on the past. This is because every task is different and new solutions may emerge. It is important to know the exact value and limitations of current knowledge and skills. In other words, if you know your limits, you can handle the given task skillfully while also promoting your own development.

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