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강릉 캠퍼스 전경

Lab. of Cell Biology
at Gangneung

 세포방 단체사진

Lab. of Cell Biology

The goal of the Cell Biology Laboratory is to understand various life phenomena that occur at the cellular level and provide useful information and technologies for humanity by applying this knowledge. Cells are the smallest units that demonstrate life phenomena, and it can be said that this is the field where biochemical reactions or gene expression at the molecular level come together to produce life. This is where education on academic theory and experimental methods for researching this takes place. Molecular biology experiments and theoretical education are the main focus, and therefore, the laboratory emphasizes the development of specialized English skills and creative thinking abilities.

Graduates from this laboratory often go on to become researchers at various national and private research institutes. In addition, students with academic enthusiasm often advance to famous domestic and international graduate schools, playing an important role in the scientific development of our country.

​Cell Biology Lab members

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