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How should I study biology?

As with all studies, the process of reading, thinking, understanding, remembering, and applying is fundamental. 

It is true that it is a subject that requires a little more memorization than other fields. However, there are many cases where you have to memorize the story and main character compared to mathematical physics, which has a lot of symbols. If you try to memorize biology just because you are good at memorization, the capacity will be exceeded and it will not be fun. It requires a different ability than the memory to memorize a given thing. Let's focus on some of the questions we've been receiving so far. 

​Of course, this may be my personal opinion, so please judge for yourself. 

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Biology Q&A

1. Do I have to learn Chemistry and English to study Biology?

First of all, English will be unavoidable. Since you have to read papers in English as well as write papers, you need to be good at English to a certain level in order to conduct your own research and be recognized. In the case of chemistry, when talking about the mechanism of biology, a chemical explanation is needed, and without knowledge about it, it will be difficult to understand and apply. But in chemistry, concentration and basic skills are all you need. If you want to study protein structure or medicine, you can study it then. 

2. There are a lot of words. Do I have to memorize both English and Korean words?

Many of the words in biology are not all translated, nor are the translations unified across fields. Therefore, it is necessary to know the original English language. 

3. Do I have to study in English application form? Or should I study with Korean books?

In the case of general biology or biology fields that you do not major in, it is okay to study with textbooks written in Korean. However, if you decide to study a specific field of biology, you must study all books or papers in that field in English. In most cases, if you use a translation book or a translation AI, you will not be able to understand the meaning properly. 

4. Biology has a very wide range. Do you learn all of it?

Biology covers such a wide range and humans have limitations, so at some level you have to focus on your field of study. General Biology cannot be a major. It is good to draw a roadmap in the direction of achieving successful results in a very narrow field and gradually expanding the field. 

5. I hate memorizing, can I study biology?

It is only until high school that you force yourself to memorize, and after that, if you study the field you are interested in, I think you will memorize it by itself. Memories that are forced to memorize may be advantageous for taking the exam, but in fact, they cannot be applied, and it is like memorizing the main character's name without knowing the story development of the movie. Knowledge that you can pull out of your head and put to use is only possible when you fully understand it. Understanding rather than memorizing is an important virtue. 

​And above all, since experimentation is more important than theory in biology, the idea of experimentation and the ability to concentrate determine success or failure, so there is no reason to give up just because your memorization is poor._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


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