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Cell Biology

Cytology or cell biology is the branch of biology that studies cells. A cell is the smallest unit in which various molecules gather to show life phenomena, and it can be said to be the basic unit constituting all living things. Through cell research, it is possible to study how various life phenomena are linked to gene expression and how the behavior of macromolecules creates life phenomena. Therefore, cell research can be said to stand on the borderline from inanimate to living. 

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​세포생물학 관련주제

급격한 스트레스가 면역계에 미치는 영향


cell biology

기억은 DNA가 잘리고 회복되면서 만들어진다.


cell biology

뼈가 약해지는 신호: Notch 신호


cell biology

암 면역치료를 돕는 미생물 치료법


cell biology

세포막 표면 RNA가 호중구(neutrophil)의 이동을 돕는다


cell biology

항생제로부터 박테리아가 살아남는 방법


cell biology

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