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What will college life be like?

2023년도 합동 실습여행

This is a post I wrote in the past for students starting or attending college. You must have a lot of worries about whether you have chosen your major well or how to do your college life. I hope this helps.  I think you all know that this is a problem that most freshmen and current students worry about. Please keep in mind the ordinary but easy-to-forget fact that you must eventually find and practice the ultimate answer. 

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What will college life be like?

During college days studying major is perhaps a matter of course. However, if, for one reason or another, you cannot get into the school or department you wanted, you may think “Can I be really successful through this department?”  and you feel skeptical about reality and wander. I also experienced it, and there was a time when I was wandering to the point of barely avoiding reprieve. In a way, it was a waste of time, but unexpectedly, those days became the most productive days that made my life more strong and positive. Before embarking on the long road of majoring, I hope that you will think about whether this path is right for you and how you will go.

If you come to a university or department that is not the first place you wanted, you will usually be divided into two attitudes. “It's not the department I wanted to go to, so how could it be useful in my life? I have a friend who couldn't concentrate on her studies, didn't even interact with her classmates, and continued studying only in high school with the thought, “I have to go somewhere else.” And another friend, even though he didn't get into the college or department he wanted, but after going around for a while, he thought that the department had a good atmosphere and that it was an interesting major, so he faithfully lived his school life. A friend who corresponds to the latter learns and experiences more while getting to know his or her major. In the end, you will find a specific major that suits your ability, be recognized as an expert, and enter the professional path. However, the friend I mentioned before went on to go to a department that was not the department he wanted, but that was comparable (?) to it, delaying it by a year or two, and ended up just attending. However, since it was not the place he originally wanted, it was difficult to focus on his major, and he suffered from competition for grades.

This story is made up, but it is also quite possible. Why? If I entered the school or department I first wanted, would my success be guaranteed? Did I know enough about the school and department I wanted to go to? We live in an era where times change rapidly and in some cases, judgments that were right yesterday are wrong today. It is difficult even for the admired professors in his field to dare to tell them what to do. Because we know that so many things have changed and will change again.

Then, how can I solidify my future in the rapidly changing current situation?I think you should learn how to learn yourself rather than what to learn.. It is an era where you can use ChatGPT and listen to lectures on Youtube. There are numerous online lectures, and for the difficult things to learn, you can ask directly to famous scholars.

But in any case, the process of making what you learn into your own is important. No matter how good lectures and good advice you hear, you cannot become your own unless you put them into practice. It is important to trust your judgment and practice it in any situation. If you do not see the practice and results that follow any judgment, you cannot even know whether it is a good judgment or a bad one.

You should know that Success or failure mostly depends on one's own efforts.  In other words, if you believe in your own judgment and put your best effort into practice, it will be a good judgment, andif you don't try, there would be no good judgment.  I want you to know that the value of any judgment is created by my efforts. Even if you fail after trying, the inner work you have already gained in the process of practice will be a great driving force to succeed in your next choice. What matters is the choices and judgments you make yourself. At first, it will be burdensome and immature, but you will gradually make the right judgment.

Objective advice is essential.I cannot see myself with my own eyes. This is because it can only be seen objectively through a mirror or a photograph. My reflection in others can be my true self. Of course, people who are indifferent or too friendly should be excluded. People who care too much or don't care about me are likeIt's because I can't see myself accurately like a curved mirror.

Anything happens through the troubles of the newbie daysThe things I started with the thought that I could try will be of great help to me regardless of success or failure.I believed in that judgment and lived a positive life until now. As long as you don't give up, I want you to know that all your hard work will pay off in the end.

“There is no failure, it is only a matter of when you succeed.”

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