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​How can biology benefit us?

Biology is literally the study of living organisms. Since living things are also made of matter, living things move according to physical and chemical laws. However, the laws discovered in biology apply only to living things. Therefore, compared to physics and chemistry, biology is often referred to as a peripheral discipline. However, at the center of all studies are humans, and humans are creatures.  Therefore, biology has no choice but to be a central discipline in a human-centered world. 

As the secrets of living things are being revealed one by one, great benefits are being given to humankind. In fact, it would have been impossible without the development of biology to increase the average life expectancy and protect us from various diseases and infections. Let's find out how biology is currently being used in our daily lives. Also, if you look at Current topics, you'll probably find that it's used in a lot more fields than you might have imagined.

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