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life troubles

When you live, you will ask "Why do you live?" There are times when I think I wasn't born because I wanted to, but people often ask questions as if there was a purpose. Most just laugh it offIn my head, "Why buy?" I think it's a sign that it's time to look back on myself.You can just dismiss it as a useless thought, but it is not easy to forget it without any answer whenever you suddenly think of it. One thing is clear: there was no original purpose, and there is nothing wrong with living without such a purpose. If only I could forget about it.Now think about this question that will lead your life in a deep, wonderful and desirable direction. 

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why buy

Living things have been on Earth for about 3.6 billion years. This can be seen through the traces left by various fossils or other living things. Then why are the creatures? For what? Even in such a harsh environment for such a long time, the question arises as to whether they have survived the crisis of extinction, evolved and left offspring. However, no living thing, including us, has had a clear answer to this, and I think there may be no answer. Because for so long no one has been able to give a convincing rational answer.

Some say they live for their country, some for their family or friends, and some for their religion or happiness. But in fact, as everyone knows, we were not born with these goals. There are times when I just live without a clear consciousness of why I live and what I live for, and one day I suddenly wonder why I am here. No one knows when in life this question will arise. You may not worry about this for the rest of your life, there are cases where you look back on yourself right before you die, and there are times when you live with serious worries from your youth. Most of the time, when I think about this, I think about this a lot when I feel a limit or emptiness in the current situation.

Organisms are originally specialized in living. never die easily If it's an easily disappearing creature, it probably disappeared (easily?) from the earth a long time ago. I think the secret that living things have endured for a long time of 3.6 billion years is the will to live. That will is also found in bacteria that cannot ask the question “why do I live?” When the environment deteriorates, they move to find a good environment, and sometimes continue their lives elsewhere in a dormant or spore state that can safely pass difficult times. The human will to live cannot be very different from that of creatures. It was originally given at birth, and it is “default” to keep one’s life even if there is no question of “why”. But why do we feel empty and ask the question “why do we live” that no one asks? Is it the effect of education? Or is this also a characteristic of living things?

Of course, there are people who live well without caring about this emptiness or why they live. However, when we look at all the religious or philosophical books and numerous thinkers around the world trying to answer the question of “why do we live,” we can guess how important this task is for us humans.

As a person who has been through a lot of troubles like this, what I want to advise you is, when you come up with these troubles, don't give up saying, "We can't solve it anyway, so let's just move on." I want you to think about it. Even if you don't get the ultimate answer you want, it will help you to look back on yourself and become a more satisfactory version of yourself. And one more thing to add, maybe the answer is not one, maybe you already know it yourself.

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