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hi! My name is Changho Lee and I am majoring in biology in Korea. In the meantime, he has been saddened by the fact that new discoveries and ideas in biology have not been well introduced despite the fact that there is a lot of useful information for the general public. I always thought it would be nice if someone could read and evaluate papers and create a website that introduces them well to the general public. But before I knew it, "Isn't it something I should make?"    

Hello! My name is Lee Chang-ho and I am majoring in biology in South Korea. I have always felt sorry that despite the fact that the new findings and ideas in biology provide a lot of useful information to the general public, it has not been well introduced. I have always thought that it would be great if someone could make a website that could digest and evaluate the recent research papers and introduce them well to the public. However, I have recently started thinking, "Maybe I should be the one to create it?" So, although I may not be the best person, I am starting to create this website.

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​ Why did you create this site?
Why did I make this Site.

With the development of biology and medicine, the time given to humans has increased. In other words, in the early 20th century, even in developed countries, human life expectancy was in the early 40s, but today it has increased to nearly 80 years. It owes much to the development of treatments and preventive methods to combat the microorganisms. In more modern times, by understanding the physiological phenomena of our body and applying them, we are developing ways to live a long, healthy and enjoyable life, rather than simply living a long life. This development is actually being made by applying the results of research in all fields of biology to our lives. 

Unlike physical chemistry, the development and application of biology has parts that can be applied directly to our daily lives.. The latest biological information delivers important information not only to our health, but also to medicine, food, psychology, sports, and philosophy. For example, if a specific drug has been developed for a specific cancer cell, not many people can immediately know the information about it, and in the end, even though there is a treatment, there are many cases where it is not used. Information on infectious diseases provides data for individuals as well as the government to make decisions, such as how to do personal quarantine or get vaccinated.Worldwide, useful information about health, diet, lifestyle exercise, environmental pollution, and new drug development is pouring out every day through scientific magazines, but only a few are introduced in Korea.

In fact, it is difficult to know all that much information from biology, much less what is important. Therefore, the work of interpreting and explaining such biological information must be done well in order to apply biological knowledge to our lives and enjoy its benefits. In the subject areas of this site, such as "Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology", basic contents necessary for understanding biology are provided in "Current Topics" with the latest was made to do Also, if you are a student interested in biology or someone who thinks of improving the quality of life through biology,"To students-->"We hope this will help you find a better life with the push of a button.  

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My Story

Graduated from the Department of Biology Education, Seoul National University, and received a Ph.D. from the Department of Zoology, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University. Afterwards, he worked as a Post-Doctor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and is currently working in the Department of Biology, Gangneung-Wonju National University. In the meantime, I have been researching as an exchange professor at the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS/NIH) in the United States for nearly 10 years. Research interests include cell differentiation, immune control, and cancer treatment. During my research life, I participated in the publication of about 30 SCI academic papers and about 20 books translated and published in related fields.  I teach cell Cell Biology, Physiology, and Developmental Biology  and have participated in many national exams.


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